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1What Operate System is Suitable for Industrial Computer
I believe that when most people buy industrial computers, they pay more attention to the configuration, model, and performance of industrial computers, and they value hardware information. In fact, the choice of operating system is equally important for industrial computers. Only by choosing the right operating system of the industrial computer can it give full play to its due strength. So, what kind of systems can be installed on industrial computers? What system is better to install under the different circumstances? Realan Technology will do it for you one by one. From the data point of view, win7 has always been a more popular OS, and it is more stable than WinXP, and the driver is more comprehensive, and users do not need to find additional drivers. Therefore, the mainstream configuration mostly chooses or defaults to the win7 system, and the operation is very smooth. Win8 is a bit similar to a transitional product, not only the overall style has changed a lot, but there are still many bugs. Such a system is more suitable for mobile devices, and industrial computers belong to the category of desktop computers, not particularly suitable for this operating system, touch screen can try to use win8 system. New devices generally choose to use the new system. Win10, as a latest system, has been used on new devices. But because win10 is a new system, there may be problems in compatibility when using it. Good stability has always been its advantage for products like industrial computers. If you use the Windows 10 system, which is not very reliable in compatibility and stability, it is likely to affect the operation of the industrial computer. Therefore, there are very few industrial computers in the market that support the win10 system. If you have purchased an industrial computer for a long time, then its own WinXP system is the most suitable system for it. If you suddenly update win7 or higher, the machine's operating speed will be significantly slower, and it will be difficult to even enter the system. I feel that the software at that time is the most suitable software for me. I only consider upgrading when the equipment itself can drive it. Because the new system has high requirements on the hardware of the industrial computer, such as win7, if it is to run, the memory of the industrial computer must have 2GB or more, and the memory of the old version of the machine may only be 1GB or more, so it is not suitable for replacing or upgrading other operating systems . Regarding the question of what system should be installed on the industrial computer, Realan believes that users with a single-core CPU and the industrial computer's RAM below 2GB should choose the WinXP system. Mainstream users have requirements for industrial computer performance but not particularly high, win7 operation system is enough to use, if you buy an industrial tablet with a touch screen, you can try the win8 system. The above are just simple analysis and suggestions. The specific system to install after purchasing an industrial computer depends on your own situation and the operating system version supported by the purchased machine. Finally, you need to consider the choice based on the application scenario. If you are willing to buy an industrial computer or want to know more about industrial computer, you can go to the official website of Realan Technology.
2How to choose an Industrial computer
In recent years, the field of industrial control has continued to be informatized, intelligent and digitized, and industrial computers have become an indispensable and important role in this field. As automation equipment commonly used in various industrial control scenarios, industrial control computers are in great demand in the market, and the future market is broader and the development trend is obvious. Nowadays, industrial computers have been widely used in the fields of finance, medical care, transportation, manufacturing, and the Internet of Things, and automation equipment has gradually become the mainstream control of low-cost industries. Even though the application of industrial computers has become very popular, many customers are concerned about industrial computers. The choice of model is still ignorant. For the problem of choosing the model of industrial computer, Realan Technology summarizes a few tips for you, and hope that everyone will be helpful to the choice of industrial computer. Choose according to the space size of the c The installation environment of industrial computers is usually in small or harsh application scenarios, so the installation space size will constitute the first condition to limit it. If this cannot be met, nothing else will be discussed. The common industrial computer case sizes are 1U, 2U, 4U, etc. The height of the 1U case is 44mm, and other heights can be deduced by analogy. With the development of science and technology, a fanless embedded industrial computer with a volume of only 10*10mm has appeared on the market. Therefore, when choosing industrial computer specifications, you must go to the site to determine the installation environment and installation specifications. Choose according to environmental needs This is somewhat similar to the choice of space size. The reason why industrial control computers are different from personal computers is that most of the use environments of industrial control computers are harsh, such as ultra-high or ultra-low temperature, high magnetic field, excessive vibration, excessive dust, In damp and other occasions, you should also consider whether the industrial computer can be used normally in these environments. Choose according to technical parameters Like choosing a personal computer, there are also configuration requirements for purchasing an industrial computer. The processor is divided into dual-core and quad-core. Assuming that the dual-core acceleration ratio is about 1.6 times, the quad-core can be at least 2.2 times faster, and the processing speed is faster. Memory is divided into SDRAM, DDR, DDR2 , RDRAM, DDR3, DDR4 and other types, the current commonly used memory in industrial computers is DDR4, there are software and so on. Therefore, the choice of these parameters should also be considered when choosing an industrial computer. Choose according to scalability Considering what interface types need isalso one of the measurement indicators for choosing an industrial computer.Whether there are RS-232/485, CPCI, USB, Profinet and other types ofinterfaces. If you are buying an assembled industrial computer instead of acomplete industrial computer, you still need Pay attention to the problem ofinterfaces in the selection of boards. Choose according to installation method There are many ways to install industrialcomputers. When choosing, you can choose according to the needs and installationmethods of the application scenarios. Commonly used industrial computer installation methods include wall-mounted, rack-mounted, desktop, embedded, and so on. When choosing, also consider the outlet method to avoid wiring difficulties, such as front outlet and rear outlet. Choose according to brand Industrial control computers are used in key products in key industries. The reliability and stability of industrial control computers and product quality will directly affect the entire production and manufacturing, and even the success or failure of the project, so the brand is also one of the factors worthy of reference. The old brands of industrial computers are mainly Advantech. In recent years, there are also some well-developed industrial computer brands, such as Dongtian and Realan Technology. The quality is also close to that of Advantech. Not only does it have good after-sales service, but also being able to tailor a customized solution suitable for each enterprise is the best choice besides big brands. If you want to purchase industrial computers with low costand high quality, you are right to choose Realan Technology.
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