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In the age of Industry 4.0, industrial computers are ushering in an upgrade, and Realan's computer products have their advantages

As one of the core equipment of modern intelligent manufacturing, industrial computers have undergone some new upgrades and changes in product technology, services and industrial development, and their role in the intelligent age has become increasingly prominent. It can be said that industrial computers have entered a new era. So, how do Realans hardware products adapt and integrate into intelligent systems?

Part one:In-depth modular application

With the gradual expansion of the application range of industrial computers, it means that there are more and more differentiating factors in industrial computers, and the requirements for customized and professional development are becoming more and more obvious.

Realan Computer optimizes the composition model of industrial computer products through modular application, and then constructs product form through the concept of modularization. On this basis, it goes deep into industry application scenarios, matches industry peripheral equipment and industry software, and launches industry solutions. Provide users with high-quality customized products to achieve product diversification and multi-state needs.

Part two:The application of embedded technology

The rapid development of embedded industrial computers has largely replaced traditional industrial computer products. It has effectively solved the problem of large chassis, difficult disassembly, inconvenient maintenance, inability to operate in full mode, and inability to fully satisfy the embedded environment, etc. Hard questions.

Realan Computer's customized embedded industrial control products are small in size, low in power consumption, fanless, and wide temperature design, which can adapt to various harsh working environments. At present, the role of Realan Computer's embedded industrial computer is becoming more and more diversified, and its application range is no longer limited to the field of industrial production, but also extends to machine vision, intelligent transportation, medical equipment, digital signage and other fields.

Part three:Customized service

With the rapid development of the industry and the continuous precision of application scenarios, traditional general-purpose industrial computer products have been unable to meet the needs due to considerations of cost, performance, cost performance, and adaptability, and customization has become more and more customers Demand.

Realan Computers customized services adhere to the application-oriented approach, and provide customers with distinctive products and services through personalization, functional enhancement, design and application innovation, etc. From chassis selection, structural design, hardware configuration to technical adaptation, a complete integrated design is provided. Every detail is ensured to be the closest to customer needs, helping customers of enterprises and institutions, and system integrators to achieve value added and maximize benefits. To meet the various needs of customers for microcomputer equipment under multi-field applications.

Realan Computer believes that in addition to the emergence of new use environments such as traditional industrial control scenarios, medical treatment, transportation, and security, the functional requirements for industrial computers are becoming increasingly diversified, and the shapes of products are getting smaller and smaller, and there is a demand for embedded products. It will also get bigger and bigger.

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