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Born For Industry Applications, Realan Computer New ITX Motherboard Comes Out

In the era of the rapid development of information technology such as Industry 4.0, Industrial Internet of Things, and big data, various industries are facing unprecedented opportunities and challenges. Different scenarios and applications are increasingly demanding computers and industrial equipment. For intelligence, customization, high performance, etc.

Facing the ever-evolving market demands and challenges, in early March, Realan Tech, a mini computer and industrial computer manufacturer, released a new desktop ITX motherboard with detachable CPU and support Intel 10th generation Core: LR-H410T.

In view of the industry's pursuit of high performance and customization, Realan Tech is equipped with a detachable CPU socket on this motherboard, which can perfectly support Intel's 10th generation Core series processors and unleash the potential of the 10th generation Core processors.  It has outstanding performance.

Small Size Without  Compromise

Although the size of it is small, the configuration is not discounted. In the ultra-small form factor of LR-H410T 17cmx17cm, it is equipped with dual-channel DDR4 high-frequency memory, full-speed M.2 interface, supports WiFi 6, 6COM interface, 1000M adaptive network card and VGA/DP +HDMI full interface and other high-quality motherboard standard configuration, support up to 3 independent displays, support dual-channel high-definition, 4K display output, even at low power consumption, can also present excellent computing and display performance.

10th Generation Core the Industry Pioneer

In terms of detailed specifications, Realan LR-H410T is based on the Intel H410 chipset. Through the CPU socket, up to 19 Intel 10th generation Core series processors can be selected, and the Intel Ultra Core Graphics 630 is integrated in the processor. Meet the computing power demand of various embedded devices in the market.

It adopts 19V DC power supply and built-in power chip, which provides a guarantee for the long-lasting and stable operation of the motherboard. It has better adaptability in typical application scenarios such as self-service terminals and digital supervision.

Hard Core Perfomance Full of Strength

In terms of memory, Realan LR-H410T has a dual-channel SO-DIMM DDR4 slot with a maximum support of 64GB, built-in 4 SATA3.0 solid state drive slots. It can fully meet the memory expansion needs of automation equipment in various industries, commercial media playback, and display equipment. It is widely used in embedded and other fields.

Extremely Fast Interconnection Carefree And Worry-free

Realan LR-H410T has Realtek 8111 1000M network card onboard. It also supports full-speed M.2, WI-FI 6, and theoretical bandwidth up to 2.4 times that of 1000M network cable. Enjoy a smooth and worry-free network experience.

Dual-channel High-definition and 3 screens display at the same time

It adopts Intel UHD/Iris plus Graphics  card, has up to 3 display output interfaces of LVDS, HDMI, VGA/DP, supports 4K HD imaging, and can directly drive large-size LCD screens through LVDS to achieve independent three-screen simultaneous display, with presentation excellent image display effect.

Applications such as games, digital signage, or medical imaging require high display performance, and the environment is noisy and sensitive. Therefore, LR-H410T with many of the above-mentioned characteristics is undoubtedly an ideal choice for such applications.

Rich interfaces, worry-free expansion

In terms of expansion interfaces, the motherboard is equipped with 1 DC power interface, 1 LAN port, 1 USB3.0+Type-C interface, 2 USB2.0 Type-A interfaces, and 2 audio interfaces on the I/O backplane. (Headphone output/microphone input), 1 VGA, HDMI display output interface. Supports 6 COM ports, supports 7 USB+Type-c (3 in the I/O panel, 4 needs to be expanded).

Flexible external equipment, so it is very suitable for factory automation, machine vision and robotics applications. For example, machine vision usually requires multiple cameras to be connected for video capture, object detection and inspection, such as quality inspection applications in factory production lines.

Multi-domain and multi-industry applications

In general, Realan ITX motherboard LR-H410T takes into account small space and high performance. With its advantages of high integration, rich expansion, powerful performance, and 3-screen simultaneous display, it can be widely used in medical electronics, video surveillance, machine vision, industrial control, self-service terminals, financial terminals, digital signage and other industries provide complete hardware solutions to meet the installation needs of various distributors and equipment integrators, and provide a more ideal user experience for application scenarios in various industries.

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