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Portability VS Expandability - Which Is More Important On Mini PC

With the rapid development of science and technology, today's electronic equipment has become more compact, and the internal electronic components are also more highly integrated. The inner small body space can be described as pivotal, in the limited body space. Internally, it is necessary to ensure the rationality of the internal electronic components layout, but also to ensure the good expandability and stability of the equipment, which puts quite high requirements on the product designer.

Which is more important to portability and expandability on mini PC? Realan NUC mini computer will tell you: I want it all

Nowadays, mainstream electronic equipment manufacturers on the market have two ideas. One is "doing subtraction." Products from companies such as Apple and Microsoft are mostly lightweight, highly integrated, and portable. It has been greatly improved, but what comes with it is the lack of interface. Taking iPhone7 as an example, the 3.5mm headphone jack is cancelled, which directly leads to the inability to use wired headphones to listen to songs or make calls while charging . Including Microsoft's Surface GO series, as a productivity device, it is not equipped with a more compatible USB Type-A interface, which leads to a certain portability, but in order to facilitate the transfer of files from the USB flash drive, it is necessary to connect to the HUB. The splitter is originally a highly portable device, and it always feels a bit cumbersome to drag a "little tail".

Another way of thinking is to "do addition"under the premise of ensuring the portability of the machine. This is the case with Realan Technology's NUC series mini computer products.

Many people may not know NUC well. The fullname of NUC is "The Next Unit of Computing". From the name, it is not difficult to tell that its mission is the next generation of computers.

So how does Realan NUC achieve both portability and expandability at the same time? This starts with the product line of Realan NUC series mini computers.

From Realan V6 series NUC main home entertainment and daily office to the high-performance, high-value all-round host P1 with tenth-generation Core processor, each of these products' design concept of the company adheres to the concept of ultra-small size and ultra-strong expansion.

As for the "Realan P1", the front and rear panels of the mini PC have two USB ports, a type-c port, a headphone port, a Thunderbolt 3 port, a network port, an HDMI port and a power port. The interface richness is complete. It can be called "professional level".

The key is if the customer provides professional customized services for the interface. Corresponding customized services can be carried out from appearance to product structure.

Since 2014, Realan has launched a number of NUC series mini computers, and each product has achieved a good balance between portability and expansibility, greatly improving people's work efficiency, and never happen that encounter a dilemma of finding "adapters" everywhere. Just as NUC paraphrases, whether it will become a new generation of mini-computers, let us wait and see!

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