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The Difference Between Cloud Desktop and Traditional PC

Realan Computer:

In recent years, cloud desktops have developed rapidly, and cloud desktops have begun to be used in different industries and fields. Then, what are the differences in functions between cloud desktops and traditional computers? Why has it gained such rapid development and user recognition?

1. Higher data security. Cloud desktop office stores all data on the server. The cloud terminal only receives images and does not involve data transmission. So as long as the server is backed up, the company's data security can be guaranteed. Our traditional computers only being able to back up your own data on a stand-alone machine leads to data fragmentation. The cost of ensuring the company's data security is quite high, and only some key users and data can be backed up.

2. Better data confidentiality. The data running on the cloud desktop is stored on the server. The administrator manages key data through strategic control of the server, and at the same time, through the management and control of cloud terminals on U disk and other storage peripherals to ensure that data is not copied , And our computer office data are directly stored on the company's computer, and company personnel can freely edit, modify, send, copy, etc., which cannot effectively guarantee the security of the company's key data.

3. More flexible desktop resource allocation. Cloud desktop can be delivered to users by creating virtual desktops on the server. When a new employee enters a job, they only need to create a new desktop system and account on the server to share, and a cloud terminal can log in at the same time with multiple accounts, using traditional computers for office work can only be done by one person per computer. New employees need to re-install the system and software when entering a job or purchasing a new computer.

4. It saves time and maintenance costs. Using cloud desktop to reinstall the system and install and upgrade various software only requires the administrator to issue policies. The cloud desktop installation takes 5 minutes, and it only takes a short time to deploy 100 desktop users. Using traditional computer office assumes that every computer has a system failure once a year. System maintenance and restoration are calculated as 2 hours. The company's computer system maintenance time takes about 4 hours per day. Cloud desktop saves more than 90% of the time and cost of maintenance.

Cloud desktop is a new mode of office work. Through unified management and maintenance, it can reduce most of the management costs and deployment time, and it can also ensure data security and save TCO costs. It is the first choice for replacing traditional computer office in the future.

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