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Realan Technology: New Era of Mini Computer, NUC Series

When it comes to desktop computers, people think of huge, bulky, andspace-consuming images. Former players bought desktop computers for broadstorage space, ultra-fast operating speed, and efficient heat dissipation. Withthe strengthening and updating of computer technology, traditional bigcomputers are no longer the only choice.

In addition to notebook computers, mini computers have graduallyentered people's field of vision, changing the impression that previouscomputers have brought to people. NUC is more like a mini, small and simpleendorsement. With the continuous change and development of computer culture,the integration of components is getting higher and higher. Now players arepursuing simplicity, fashion and compactness.

NUC (Next Unit Computing) is an integrated solution designed byIntel for home or small office use. Intel's next-generation NUC: Ghost Canyonand Quartz Canyon, Gigabyte's Brix, Realan Technology's Mr. NUC and other NUCmini computers use Intel's original motherboard kits, which is basicallycomparable to the traditional regardless of the overall performance orexpansion of external capabilities The big computer, and Mr. NUC of RealanTechnology, has both strength and cost performance in terms of office and homeneeds.

When the mini computer NUC was first launched on the market,everyone looked away with doubts. What can this NUC slap-sized NUC do? Can NUCmeet office needs? Realan Technology has given the answer with practicalactions. For more than ten years in the computer industry, Realan Technologyhas focused on the innovation and application of microcomputers as a coretechnology company, focusing on the systematic development and service ofmicrocomputer mainframes.

Focusing on the "mini computer", many mini computers havebeen launched in the future. The mini body, stylish appearance and powerfulperformance bring customers an extraordinary experience. For the requirementsof office computers, the NUC of Realan Technology is of course not limited tothe advantages of small size. As the mini computer technology has matured, themini computer is more than enough to use for basic needs such as businessoffice, home entertainment, and industrial control.

The overall performance of high-profile minicomputers is comparableto that of mature technology, and the traditional high-profile mainframes arenot inferior. For example, Mr. NUC of Realan Technology has performed well interms of overall performance. Using Intel NUC motherboard, built-in Intel® Core seriesprocessors, integrated Intel® HD graphics card HD4400 and other audio, networkand other chips, while supporting VGA, HDMI and other interfaces, compatiblewith most current display devices. If you choose a large-capacity memory andsolid state drive, the overall performance is very good.

For more details, please visit our official website forconsultation. Liren Technology NUC series products will bring you moresurprises.

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