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Industrial computer customization case Intelligent application of Realan computer waterproof micro industrial control host

The application field of the industrial computer is relatively wide. For some special fields, there are many scenes of mist, steam, or water in the field environment. The required industrial computer has a complete airtightness of dustproof and waterproof IP65 or more. However, it is often a difficult problem to connect data between the device interface and the industrial computer interface.

As a Realan computer with nearly 20 years of experience in customization, it has always been ahead of its peers in the creation of industrial-level customized product solutions. At the product level of chassis structure, motherboard research and development, barebones, industrial computer, etc., it is constantly updated and upgraded, and can provide a full range of personalized customized services for various fields and industries.


Realan computer product customization case


Realan Computer's industrial-grade waterproof and dustproof industrial control micro host customization case: The customer's application is in a traffic tunnel, the surrounding environment is humid and dusty, and an integrated, fully sealed and fully waterproof micro industrial control host needs to be customized, and the machine interface is required to be made Solid aviation plug.

According to customer needs, Realan combined a fanless design and IP68 waterproof and dustproof level to create a fully enclosed, highly integrated, compact miniature industrial control host, which extends the hardware limitations to an environment that is not suitable for ordinary embedded computers.

This type of waterproof and dustproof host is an ideal solution for industrial manufacturing, smart transportation, surveillance, military and defense, and automation control. These computer hosts can easily deal with the threat of water spraying from all directions or even immersion in water.

Realan Technology has been deeply involved in the field of embedded computer applications for many years. Relying on a professional R&D team, it has created a series of high-quality, high-performance industrial complete machines and motherboards, focusing on product quality and flexible customized service capabilities. The products rely on excellent performance advantages. Get the support of many partners.

Its hardware products use different platform smart cores such as Intel, Zhaoxin, Rockchip, etc., and have two mature computer product supply chains with X86 and ARM architectures. It can provide 3.5-inch, ITX specifications, 10×10 NUC specifications, NANO specifications and other motherboards and complete machine products, products with multiple serial ports, multiple USB ports, multiple displays and other functions, which can be widely used in many special scenarios.

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