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The Differences Between Home Computer and Industrial Computer

Home computers, as the name suggests, are microcomputers designed and manufactured specifically for ordinary home users. Compared with other microcomputers, such as industrial computers, they are basically the same in hardware structure, system, and software structure, except for their functional purposes.

Home computers mainly focus on the applications of audio-visual entertainment and games. At the same time, they also need to have a certain learning and office ability to meet most of the needs of home users.The basic composition of a home computer is no different from that of a desktop microcomputer used in a business office. It is also divided into several parts such as a host, an input device and an output device.

The industrial computer is mainly through the operating platform of the embedded system, which can realize the functions of the currently widely used industrial computer, tablet computer and other products. It directly supports the operation of the color touch screen, and has analog input and switch output interfaces, and supports audio and video editing. Decoding and networked transmission can directly build a small control system or be used as a security and industrial control related operation terminal.

The industrial control computer adopts the embedded hardware platform and the linux (or uClinux) operating system, together with the embedded configuration software of independent property rights, to provide customers with a more powerful, lower system cost, and more reliable choice.

The hardware part includes peripheral equipment such as Ethernet interface and two serial communication interfaces, 8 analog inputs, 4 switching outputs, built-in MIC and small speakers, which is equivalent to a special and miniaturized personal computer. It is more powerful and more suitable for applications in industrial and commercial environments.

Because industrial computers often need to be used in harsh environments, their heat dissipation is very good and their operation is very stable. Most industrial computers need to operate without crashing all year round, so industrial computers have the advantages of mini size, quietness andlow power consumption. As long as there is a suitable temperature, the industrial computers can operate normally all year round.

Under normal circumstances, home computers pay much attention to speed, so the performance configuration will choose a higher match to achieve the best viewing or gaming experience. The reason for its existence is not only rich in functions, but also high-definition display, fast running speed, and multiple tasks without stalling.

Industrial computer is not as much as people think. Its composition is similar to ordinary home computer, except that the appearance and material will be slightly modified, and the function and function are basically the same. However, home computer cannot completely replace industrial computer. Industrial computers can well meet the needs of home computers. This shows that the difference between home computers and ordinary computers is very obvious.

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