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The Development Direction of Industrial Computer

With the continuous development of social informatization, the critical tasks of key industries have increasingly relied on industrial computers. The use of industrial computers in industrial control has become a new trend in the industrial era. Industrial control automation based on IPC is slowly become the mainstream, industrial computer manufacturers are also getting more and more attention.

Because the products and technologies of the industrial control industry are very special, the industrial control computer as an intermediate product needs to continue to provide reliable, embedded, and intelligent services for other industries, but also needs to continuously optimize and upgrade its product functions according to changes in social needs.

With the continuous enhancement of science and technology, the rapid development of power, metallurgy, petrochemical, environmental protection, transportation, construction and other industries, from set-top boxes for digital homes, digital TVs; bank teller machines, highway toll systems, gas station management, and manufacturing production line control ; Financial, medical, government, national defense and other industries' demand for informatization has increased from time to time, and the demand for industrial computers has also continued to increase. This shows that the future development prospects of the industrial computer market are very broad. Let's look at industrial control from three perspectives. What is the future development direction of the computer industry?

1. Develop towards a comprehensive direction

Due to the development of standardized data communication lines and communication networks, various single (multiple) loop regulators, PLCs, industrial ratios, NCs and other industrial control equipment constitute a large system to meet the requirements of factory automation and adapt to the general trend of openness.

2. Develop towards intelligence

In recent years, with the development of database systems, reasoning functions, etc., especially the application of knowledge base systems (KBS) and expert systems (ES), such as autonomous learning control, remote diagnosis and autonomous optimization, artificial intelligence will be used in various DCS Level implementation. Similar to the FF field bus, smart devices based on microprocessors, such as smart I/O, smart PID control, smart sensors, transmitters, actuators, smart human interfaces, and programmable regulators, have appeared one after another. Slowly promote the development of industrial computer in the direction of intelligence.

3. Develop towards simple operation

With the improvement of the quality of life, simple steps are the best and most suitable no matter what. Industrial computers are no exception. Simple operation steps are becoming more and more popular. This will also become the future development direction. Simple operation can improve the man-machine interface, simplify programming, use symbol keys on the operation panel, and try to use dialogue methods to facilitate users.

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