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What Are The Special Advantages of Realan NUC Mini PC?

Realan Computer NUC mini computer host is a  computer designed by Realan for some specific use environments. The overall product is small and exquisite. Powerful performance, ultra-low TDP, especially in some special scenarios to deploy Realan NUC mini computer + screen is very powerful. But most computer users are not familiar with this product at now.

What are the special advantages of Realan NUC microcomputer?

1. Volume advantage

The Realan NUC mini PC is small in size, the overall size is only 12X12X5.3cm, and the size that can be controlled by one hand can be easily put into the backpack, classrooms, meeting rooms, offices and family living rooms can be deployed, and can also be deployed directly behind home TVs and computer monitors through wall mounts, which can effectively simplify cables and greatly improve the simplicity of the scene.

2. Ultra-low TDP(power consumption)

In an office environment, if there are a large number of people, the ultra-low TDP of Realan NUC mini computers can not only simplify the office environment, but also greatly reduce the power consumption of the computer, saving energy and environmental protection, especially for the more expensive commercial electricity. Large-scale companies can save a lot of electricity expenses. Therefore, Realan NUC mini computers are a good choice for the replacement of corporate office computers. After all, as time goes by, low TDP mini computers compared with a large desktop computer, they can save considerable electricity bills.

3. Worry-free heat dissipation

The most worrying thing for consumers about mini PCs is the heat dissipation problem, just as the heat dissipation of notebook computers has been crushed by desktop computers. In terms of size, this concern is not superfluous.

However, at present, it is very rare that the mini PC host crashed due to overheating. Most of this is due to the perfect match between the configuration of the mini host and its cooling equipment.

Take Realan's latest NUC PC P1 as an example:

In addition to the built-in double copper tube silent fan, the appearance is also designed with heat dissipation holes. The all-aluminum metal design allows the body to dissipate heat faster. Even if the metal body is touched, it may heat up, but the thermal conductivity of the metal also protects the safety of the mini host during operation.

4. Strong performance, high specification interface

Take Realan's latest NUC computer P1 as an example, which is equipped with Intel Core 10th-generation processor and is quite powerful in terms of performance.

As a special computer product, the interface of Realan NUC computer P1 directly supports the latest interfaces currently supported, such as Thunderbolt 3, HDMI, DP, and dual DP display. These interfaces have relatively large transmission bandwidth and support ultra 4K HD. Output, Wifi 6, which has good support for some high-standard education, medical, and commercial demonstrations.

The Thunderbolt 3 interface can also support docking stations, which are currently only available on high-end motherboards and computers. These high-end interfaces are currently not available in any mini host at the same price.

Which users are the Realan NUC microcomputers suitable for?

According to the product capabilities of Realan NUC microcomputers, users in the following scenarios can consider:

1. Corporate office and cloud desktop office scenarios:

Realan NUC microcomputer can meet most office needs. If the enterprise adopts cloud desktop office, using Realan NUC microcomputer as a cloud terminal can greatly reduce the deployment cost, and long-term use can also greatly reduce the overall Compared with traditional PCs, the cost of electricity is more durable and convenient to maintain. For companies with more people, the cost reduction in batches is of great help.

2. Education, medical and commercial demonstration scenarios:

The latest generation of Realan NUC microcomputers directly supports up to 4K presentations. Although some TV boxes can also achieve this, TV boxes are more suitable for home environments. For education, medical and commercial environments, there are many additional presentation materials, including conferences, Realan NUC microcomputer is directly WIN10 system, which is more flexible.

3. Concise home office scene:

Many users are pursuing ITX computer assembly. In fact, Realan NUC microcomputers are much smaller than ITX, and can be directly hung behind the monitor or placed directly on the monitor base, which can greatly reduce cables and improve the tidiness of the desktop. Degree, thereby improving work efficiency.


Since Realan Computer launched its first NUC microcomputer in 2014, it has always been a leader in this field in China. After several years of exploration and accumulation, compared with the past, the performance of the NUC microcomputer mainframe has also become more mature. Some NUC microcomputer mainframes can meet the basic needs of most users for office, entertainment, cloud terminal deployment, display and playback, etc.

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