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Cloud Desktop

As one of the typical applications in the era of virtualization and cloud computing, cloud desktop is the latest mobile offices solution.

In recent years, Internet technology has developed rapidly. With the support of virtualization technology, the connection between network software and hardware devices is more flexible and the scalability is greatly improved. Users can even personalized settings for the cloud desktop to meet diverse needs.

With the popularity of cloud desktops, cloud desktop offices are beginning to be followed and used by more and more enterprises. A domestic customer based on the V6-P4405 NUC model with 8GB RAM and M.2-32G SSD, and then through custom processing, it is finally applied to the cloud desktop as a cloud terminal.

Because this cloud terminal product is small and portable, low energy consumption and space saving, it can often play the role of centralized deployment, improve information security, and isolate data in the enterprise cloud office.

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