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Mobile Medical

With the advent of the 5G era, medical care has boarded a digital platform that will combine Internet technology to meet medical needs for timeliness and stability. Assist doctors to more effectively perform remote diagnosis, remote consultation, remote surgery and other operations on patients.

Domestic customers purchase the AW44-i5S6360 model of Realan Technology to configure the sixth-generation intel Core i5 motherboard + 4G memory + 128G solid state + custom cable + extension 6 USB + switch extension cable + USB extension cable + dual screen alienation display, finally a new telemedicine cart is formed and used in the medical industry.

The product has the characteristics of intelligent stability, convenience, quickness, quietness and moisture resistance. In the future, it can realize remote surgery teaching and remote diagnosis guidance functions for smart medical treatment, providing hospitals and medical centers with the most reliable embedded medical technology system on the market. More recommendations in the field of mobile medicine: AW44-i5S6360

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