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Multimedia Teaching

With the rapid development of multimedia technology,Multimedia teaching covers almost every corner of the campus. More and more classrooms can achieve network management such as screen monitoring and remote control, teacher demonstrations, network theaters, remote control guidance, and network examinations. The function provides convenience for high-quality teaching effects.

Realan Technology's T5-i5S632C model cooperates with related domestic manufacturers, and is equipped with a sixth-generation i5 or six-generation i7CPU+8G memory+128G/256G solid state+supporting network wake-up function, and is assembled into a cloud terminal or a new student desktop terminal for multimedia teaching. Widely used in the field of multimedia teaching.

Realan Technology's T5-i5S632C model has the advantages of convenient and fast operation, high-definition screen display, arbitrary expansion, and space saving, which has solved a series of problems in the field of multimedia teaching and so on.

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